Wednesday, April 19, 2023
You will now have access to marketboards on your InvestorClerk account. Marketboards will give you a quick overview of markets that are relevant to you whenever you need it. You can forget about switching between watchlists and scrolling endlessly to review the daily moves. Each active balance sheet on your account allows you to create a marketboard. You will be able to place symbols on your marketboard which includes equities, currencies, commodities and cryptos. You can also include your own balance sheets, assets and liabilities. You are allowed to place up to 100 symbols on your marketboard.

We have introduced account addons with this update. You will notice the addon page on your dashboard. You can use addons to get access to new features and also increase the utility of existing features. There is an addon to increase the limit of symbols on your marketboards by 100.

The next major update will feature access to the api with a wide variety of endpoints. It will create even more possibilities with your InvestorClerk account.

We will see you on the next one.