Frequently Asked Questions

What is InvestorClerk?
InvestorClerk features a powerful balance sheet ledger to track all your assets and liabilities giving you the relevant information to know where you stand at all times. Book a consultation to expand your market outlook, evaluate a real estate deal, answer your questions on processes, discuss a personal finance situation and more.
Which assets do you support?
We currently support over 70 exchanges for equity investors, a long list of currencies around the world and the most popular cryptos. We also support a multitude of other assets such as treasuries, corporate notes, options, futures, real estate and NFTs. You can expect support for new assets and new features for existing assets.
How many balance sheets can I have?
There is no limit on the number of balance sheets per account. Please note that to be able to create a new balance sheet, you need to have all your existing balance sheets as active. A balance sheet in the installation period does not count as active.
What are Clerk Points?
Clerk Points (CP) are bought in the InvestorClerk store. Once you are logged in, you will be able to access the store and purchase Clerk Points to keep your balance sheet active.
What payment methods do you accept in the InvestorClerk store?
We accept major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Play and Afterpay. We also accept bank transfers depending on your country of residence. We are open to adding support for more payment methods in the future.
I'm looking for a feature but I can't find it, what do I do?
You may contact us so we can help you and if the feature is missing, that will let us know what our community needs so we can end up implementing it.