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InvestorClerk features a powerful balance sheet ledger to track all your assets and liabilities giving you the relevant information to know where you stand at all times. Do you operate a trading bot and looking to build a tracking system? Use the InvestorClerk Api to integrate your trading with InvestorClerk. Do you own a brokerage or a fund and you need a reporting platform for your clients? Contact us to offer your clients the ultimate reporting platform. Get your balance sheet up and running for as low as ~1.44 USD a month!
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InvestorClerk Interface
You will be up and running in no time with our highly optimized input pages and import functions. Our pages are clean and simple containing only the relevant information to make sure you will not get lost in graphics and numbers. InvestorClerk is accessible from any device with a web browser making it a universal service.
Data Security
Security starts at the design stage and many fail to understand that. The design of our platform allows us to never share your data with third parties. We will never share your data voluntarily. We understand that protecting your data has never been more important.
Service Value
We believe our balance sheets to be the most competitive investment tracking service for investors. Whether you need a single balance sheet or hundreds, we will provide you best-in-class service with unmatched pricing. Our Clerk Point system rewards long term users.
Balance Sheets
  Track & Optimize
Our balance sheet ledger will allow you to track your assets and liabilities with simplicity and precision. It has been built to support multiple currencies at every level. You will be able to track your income with revenues and expenses. You will never feel in the dark about a particular aspect of your portfolio due to the fact that we will show you all the relevant metrics allowing you to optimize. It is important for us to empower our users to do things as they wish hence we made sure to give you as many options as possible.
Balance Sheets
Universal Importer & Api
Universal Importer & Api
  Integration & Automation
You will be able to import files containing data for your balance sheets. The universal importer features a model system where you will be able to create your own model allowing you to import any file for transactions, revenues and expenses. The import process is designed to make sure you will not import bad data. Our api offers 64 endpoints to manage your account, balance sheets, assets, liabilities, adjustments and shares. You will receive api credits for every balance sheet you maintain active.
  Close Deals
We offer you a new way to introduce yourself to lenders, landlords or any other party asking to see your books. You will be able to quickly generate a presentation in the currency of your choice with different formats available depending on your needs. The presentation is generated instantly on a clean PDF for your convenience. There is an option to authenticate the presentation with a signature under a statement declaring the validity of the numbers presented giving you extra credibility.
  Earn a reputation
You have the option to share your balance sheets with your friends, family and community. There are two authentication methods with e-mail and password. They will be able to review your balance sheets in the same way you do. You will be able to keep your financial privacy by picking the relative display which will hide your absolute numbers. Your users will be able to sign up for notifications when you add a transaction to a balance sheet. The notifications will allow them to quickly get up to speed with your actions.
Supported Assets
New York Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Stock Market
Toronto Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Australia Securities Exchange
US Dollar
Canadian Dollar
British Pound
Japanese Yen
Chinese Yuan
Australian Dollar
Bitcoin Cash
Binance Coin
Other Assets
Corporate Credit
Real Estate
Latest News
Dividend Reinvestment Plans
Thursday, August 10, 2023
We have made available dividend reinvestment plans for your assets. You will be able to customize your plans to fit your needs. You may add dividend reinvestment plans on any asset that you have, it is not limited to public equities as it will work with periods. The api has been updated with new endpoints for you to manage your dividend reinvestment plans automatically.  Read more...
Thursday, July 13, 2023
We're excited to bring you our newest feature, shares. You will now be able to share your balance sheets with your friends, family and community. You have two authentication methods available with email and password. Your users will be able to register for e-mail notifications when you make changes to your balance sheets. The relative display allows you to maintain your financial privacy while remaining very transparent.  Read more...
Api Access
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
The api access is now available. You will have access to 43 endpoints to manage your balance sheets. You need to create an api key to get started. Make sure to keep your api keys hidden and never expose them to anyone. You can find the documentation here. We are open to adding new endpoints so feel free to let us know what you need.  Read more...