Who we are
InvestorClerk is a company based in Ontario, Canada. The idea for InvestorClerk came in 2021 and the development started in 2022. We are a small team of engineers that have been using investment trackers for over a decade. We never ended up finding a solution that would fit all our needs hence we decided to create InvestorClerk.
Our mission
We are creating InvestorClerk to offer investors of all stripes an investment tracking service that checks all the boxes. We will be working with our community to make sure they have everything they need. We want to empower you to make the best possible decisions by giving you all the relevant information to know where you stand at all times. Our pricing has been set to allow any investor to take advantage of our services and grow alongside the community.
The future
InvestorClerk's balance sheet ledger is just the start. We have many more features planned for InvestorClerk and we will announce them as they come out. Our initial focus will remain to complete our mission stated above and really polish the InvestorClerk experience. In the longer term, we do have potential plans for new services around the InvestorClerk platform and we might discuss these with the community. We welcome feedback and ideas from our community so feel free to contact us.